The Weeknd Deserves The Hype


Kenzie Moten, Contributor

Let me just say: The Weeknd is so underrated. With at least 44 songs produced in a span of 10 years, he is more than impressive.

The Weeknd was born in 1990 in Canada. His love for music started from the famous Michael Jackson’s “Don’t Stop ‘til you get Enough,” claiming it as “the song that helped me find my voice, it’s the reason I sing” (

The Weeknd is the king of his own category; his music is reminiscent of retro R&B. On March 23, he uploaded another hit, “In Your Eyes,” which earned over 500-thousand views that same afternoon. All of his music videos are definitely worth watching along with the song itself.

The Weeknd has not even reached his peek yet in the music industry. Many artist have commented on his career as very iconic. His style and aesthetic is unique; it correlates with his music as well.

Top songs by him are “Starboy,” “The Hills,” “After Hours,” “Often,” “I Feel It Coming,” and now, “In Your Eyes.” They all exceed a million views on YouTube. The Weeknd’s music never lets down.

The madness behind his success is his incredible voice and the beat. The lyrics are catchy and most of his songs are written by him, which is impressive in itself. Many artists cannot say the same, and he writes his music based on how he feels.

You can stream The Weeknd’s music in any platform, but if you wish to watch his videos, you can watch them on YouTube. Yes, it is worth the hype.