Does Online Schooling Improve Productivity?


Zachary Ebey, Contributor

The question of online schooling is: does it help students learn fast and better because they grew up on technology?  But that’s also not the only thing that you need to worry about when it comes to students learning. You also have to find out if the students will pay attention to the subject or not. One would think, ‘Yes,’ but others say ‘no’ based on past experiences. If there is someone monitoring them, then it can be more productive, but parents can’t always monitor their kids at all hours of the day when they have their own work to complete.

Parents can teach their kids, but they aren’t all wanting to teach them full time. If the school shuts down, then the parents have to teach full time on top of their job regardless of how smart the students are. Some students find it hard to be productive when they are unsupervised and they have access to the internet. Some might find it to be hard to do the work assigned to them if they do not have the correct resources for said homework.

It has been understood that schools may have closed down due to viruses, shootings, or threats that are around or at the school. But sometimes, there are some benefits to being able to work at home rather than at school. Students get to work at their own pace and listen to music that helps them focus. They can find other things online like a tutorial on YouTube on how to do the subject that they are doing, but it’s also not healthy to do everything online.

Students can go up to veterans and learn history from them first hand, they can get advice from someone that owns a business, they can still learn the same things outside of school by talking to professional adults outside. They might even learn something that they can’t learn inside the walls of a school building. In these ways, maybe a little bit of learning outside of school isn’t all that bad!

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