Online Schooling Not Benefitting Students


Xavier Proctor-Floyd, Contributor

Many schools around the nation are being cancelled due to the global pandemic coronavirus. Many think the solution for the missed school time is online learning. Online schooling is not the most beneficial way for students to learn over long periods of time.

Online schooling takes away the option of hands-on learning. Many find it hard to learn without a teacher doing examples, or helping them person to person. Online schooling is mostly about whether you get the answer right or wrong, and not much explanation for either.

Online schooling is also not accessible to all students. Many students don’t have the technology to access the information. Even if they do, they may not know how to use the technology to their full advantage for advice, while they can easily ask for help in the classroom.

A big problem for online schooling is many students are being overwhelmed with the amount of work they are getting. Some teachers are giving more work for one day than they ever did in the class. Think about how many classes students take; it’s adding up so that they just have too much on their plate.

Although online schooling could be beneficial to some, to many it is not. Even when doing the work, many just look to answer the questions, rather than actually learn the material. There could be many other ways to teach the kids rather than online schooling.