WGI Season Ends Abruptly Following COVID-19 Fears

WGI Season Ends Abruptly Following COVID-19 Fears

Abigail Quinn, Contributor

The Winter Guard season ended abruptly recently, having most competitions cancel, giving only days notice to schools and organizations who were training to compete at all levels of competition.

Students and coaches internationally were left without words as fears over COVID-19 or the novel Corona Virus have mounted leading to school and workplace closures. Groups that continued to practice outside of school were also shocked when local competitions shut their doors and where cancelled with little to no notice.

In WGI’s official announcement to the public they stated, “At the direction of Dayton and Montgomery county public health, and in consultation with the Ohio department of health, and Governor DeWine, WGI Sport of the arts is canceling the 2020 WGI World Championships for Color Guard, Percussion, and winds.” For many teams, this was a devastation; a shattering of months upon months of hard work and devotion. For WGI, it means a loss of thousands of dollars in venue rental, ticket sales, and much more.

Many other local circuit competitions followed suit shortly before or immediately after the announcement from WGI hit the press. The Charlotte, N.C., WGI Mid-Atlantic Power Regional was cancelled on Wednesday the 11th of March after being scheduled to compete on the 14th and 15th of that weekend. Local circuit CWEA or Carolina Winter Ensemble Association cancelled their championship competition that was scheduled for the 21st before the week of the 13th was out as well. Within the following week, all of the competitions had been cancelled giving the season that is only four months long a premature end nearly a whole month early.

Many teams are left distraught and seniors in the preforming arts are taking to social media to express their anger of not getting to compete in the last few competitions of what could be their final season. Others keep a happy spirit alive by sharing some of their favorite WGI memories.

Either way, with the rapid spread of the virus the cancellations were vital in order to prevent more spreading of the disease. Winter Guard, Percussion, and Winds competition associations and venues kept the best interest of the general public and their competitors in mind while making this decision.