NASA will Explore Mars in 2020


Kenzie Moten, Contributor

According to NASA, the U.S will be expecting a trip to Mars in July of 2020. NASA will be sending an unmanned rover to collect data and explore the unknown.

The rover will pick up soil and rock while investigating an ancient environment that may have had life on a region of Mars. Hard to believe, but NASA is preparing for even more missions to find answers.

“Mars 2020 will carry an entirely new subsystem to collect and prepare Martian rocks and soil samples that includes a coring drill on its arm and a rack of sample tubes. About 30 of these sample tubes will be deposited at select locations for return on a potential future sample-retrieval mission. In laboratories on Earth, specimens from Mars could be analyzed for evidence of past life on Mars and possible health hazards for future human missions” (NASA MARS).

The Coronavirus has not affected the date and time the rover will head to Mars. The rover is built strong; weighing in around 2,300 pounds and heavy metal.

“No matter what day Perseverance launches during the launch period, which extends from July 17 through Aug. 5, it will alight on Mars’ Jezero Crater just after 3:40 p.m. EST (12:40 p.m. PST) on Feb. 18, 2021. (NASA)

If any discoveries go down in history from this rover, we will all appreciate NASA’s hard work.