Video Games Help COVID-19 Teaching


Gavin Huston, Contributor

Recently, multiple schools have been shut down because of COVID-19. Some teachers are teaching their kids through video calls and YouTube videos. Some teachers, though, are using video games to help teach their kids.

Now, not all video games can be beneficial for learning, but some can. Using video games can help a kid finish their classwork more efficiently. Some teachers have even made fun of games for their classes online. VOA news says “Gianna Gurga is a teacher at Dag Hammarskjold. She told the AP she had been looking for new ways to get more out of her students. So she decided to try a classroom gaming system called Classcraft. She says she has seen student improvements since she began using the tool in 2017. Her results even led other teachers to start using the gaming system.”

There are so many apps that can help kids at this time to learn. Forbes says, “There’s an APP for just about anything in education and a lot are deploying the best in AR, VR, and AI to put the learner in charge.” Since we have so many apps, we can use them to help kids learn.

Now a lot of people can say that video games ruin the mind, but according to PsychCentral, “We’ve improved our ability to multitask”–therefore, maybe they’re helpful for us after all.