Benefits of E-Learning


Cadence Rotter, Contributer

E-Learning is a form of learning that utilizes electronic technology and network for delivery, interaction, facilitation, demonstration, or evaluation of instructions and learning material. Today, E-Learning has a very big impact on our world because all schools are closed due to the coronavirus.  In my opinion, E-Learning is easier than going to school.

There are many benefits from E-Learning, one of them being that students can do their work when they want but they still need to turn in their work at the given deadline. Another benefit is that it saves paper, E-Learning is a paperless way of learning, so there is no reason to cut down any trees. Meaning that E-Learning is an Eco-friendly way of learning.

E-Learning has a lot of advantages but it also has disadvantages. One of them is that learners with bad study habits may fall behind. Since we are not in school anymore we have to motivate ourselves to do our work, meaning that students who do not care will not get their work done. Another big disadvantage is that some students may not have internet access. Without internet access, they won’t be able to complete their assigned work.

All students are having to use E-Learning due to the coronavirus and they will continue using E-Learning until schools start opening up again. E-Learning has made a huge impact on our world.