The Bright Side of COVID-19


Zoe Orechwa, Writer/Editor

Yes, quarantine sucks, because who likes being stuck inside all day and not being able to see friends and family?

Personally, I am allowed to go out and see people 6 feet away, but not go inside peoples’ houses. This is a choice my parents thought was right at the time. I have two loving parents, dinner is always on the table at 6:30, and I never have to worry about my next meal or where to sleep, but I have been sitting here complaining about how bored I am that I can’t see my friends.

What about the kids that go to school as a safe space? The kids whose homes are abusive and need school as their getaway. The kids who go to school just to eat and make it through the day. What are they going through right now?

This had me thinking… we can stay home and all take care of ourselves because would you rather think about yourself being bored or the people in abusive homes? We have five months to purely focus on self-improvement. I know school isn’t always fun, but it’s a safe place for millions of kids. It breaks my heart to think that kids are stuck out in the world in bad situations because of the coronavirus, and all I can do is send my thoughts and prayers.

If you are in a healthy home environment now, remember to be grateful. If you feel the need to escape an unsafe home environment–remember this is temporary, and you have many people who care about you, even if you can’t see them right now.

Either way, while you are stuck at home, focus on how you can make the most of all this time at home–what are some crafts or hobbies you’ve been wanting to try but never have the time to do? You will come out of this a stronger person!