Coronavirus Infects North Carolina pug

Coronavirus Infects North Carolina pug

Lily Earwood, Contributor

In North Carolina, a pug has tested positive for the coronavirus. It is a possibility that this is the first dog in the United States to have the virus.

A pug located in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, named Winston was tested positive for COVID-19. Since three of his owners had the virus, a Duke University study tested the dog since it was likely to be exposed to the virus (New York Post).

Heather McLean told them that Winston had been acting sick by coughing and sneezing in an unusual way. “So it almost seems like he was gagging.”

Her son, Ben, told the press that he was not shocked that Winston had contracted the virus. The canine used to lick their dinner plates and sleep in his parent’s bed (The Sun).

Multiple dogs in China have also gotten the virus, and at the Bronx Zoo, five lions and three tigers have also tested positive. Two cats in New York were also infected by humans.

The Centers for Disease Control said that there is not major role in spreading the coronavirus. Animals suffer from respiratory problems but are thought to recover.