How Long until Things are Normal again?


Xavier Proctor-Floyd, Conrtibutor

The pandemic known as COVID-19 has put almost everything on hold. With jobs being cancelled, sports and public entertainment closed, the pandemic has everybody inside, and everything closed. But many are asking how long until things are normal again?

A vaccine for COVID-19 is not expected to be given to the public for around 12-18 months (Livescience). This could mean people are expected to be quarantined until 2021.

Although some states are easing up on social distancing, do not be one of the first people out of the house. A person could have the virus without ever knowing. Some public centers are opening, but do not think things will be normal again immediately.

With the severity of the pandemic, and an effective vaccine not coming until next year, things will not be “normal” for a while.