Casinos in Las Vegas Convert to Food Banks and Feed Thousands


Lily Earwood, Contributor

Because of the closing of non-essential businesses in the state of Nevada, workers in Las Vegas have changed multiple casinos into food banks. These banks can cause lines of cars for miles because of the high demand for food. For example, Three Square, which is supported by the nonprofit organization called Feeding America, has had lines at its 21 different centers that span up to six miles at Las Vegas casinos (FOX).

Thousands of unemployed people residing in Las Vegas are in extreme need of support during this difficult time. Massive layoffs have caused thousands to have to turn to these newly founded food banks for support (Daily Mail).

Before the coronavirus outbreak, Three Square was only distributing around 1.3 million pounds of food a week. However, according to the radio network, they are passing out almost 30 percent more than their usual amount. Because of Time Square’s shortage of volunteers, they have had to stop providing food to over 170 partners and supporters.

“If you were to just drive past that line, you would absolutely see that the cars are representative of a lot of different economic classes … It has absolutely been impactful across economic scales,” Three Square’s Chief Operating Officer Larry told the Nevada Public Radio.

Despite the very long lines, Scott said that they have still been able to provide to everyone so far.

Professionals everywhere have believed that Nevada has been one of the economically hardest hit places in America.