Epic Universe Theme Park at Universal Pauses Construction


Lily Earwood, Contributor

Because of the recent coronavirus outbreak, many theme parks have been negatively impacted. Universal’s construction on their new theme park, the Epic Universe, had been ongoing up until recently despite the majority of other theme parks shutting down. Now, it has been announced that Universal will be shutting down that construction to put their time into other projects (Fox News).

News 6 in Orlando reported that the CEO and chairman, Brian Roberts, announced the delay in construction on Thursday morning during a conference call.  Reportedly, it will remained closed until the end of May.

“We remain very confident that the parks business will generate healthy returns over the long term. Nonetheless, we’ve decided to pause construction of Orlando’s fourth gate or Epic Universe at this early stage. […] While we focus on the immediate challenges that COVID-19 presents, while the final stage of the work continued full force for Super Nintendo World Japan, which is expected to open later this year, and Universal Beijing, which remains on schedule to open in 2021,” Roberts said during the conference.

Back in October, Comcast professionals announced the new theme park would be opening in 2023 and was thought to create almost 13,000 new jobs that would pay around $15 an hour. It is still unsure whether the theme parks construction will resume and how it will alter its opening deadline (Click Orlando).

“If our economy recovers faster than any of us expect, then I think [Universal] has the creative allowance that they could advance that construction even faster. If we are slow to recover, who knows, that date my slide further to the future,” said Jerry Demings, the mayor of Orange Country.

Like many things in this time of COVID-19, the outcome is still up in the air.