Three Hoorays for Mother’s Day


me and three of my bestie’s beautiful mamas.

Hailey Brinson, Contributor

With Mother’s Day is just around the corner, it is guaranteed that everyone’s mom, grandma, aunt and other female guardians are ready to step into the spotlight and have their special day. However, there are a handful of people every year who continue to ignore the importance of this beautiful holiday. There is so much love and history packed into one, special day, that many seems to overlook and ignore.

Most often credited with founding Mother’s Day, Anna Jarvis sparked the holiday as not only a way for children to celebrate their mothers, but also as an anti- war movement. The second Sunday in May was designated by Woodrow Wilson (1914), which has since spread all across the globe.

The day is a full occasion to respect the commitment of moms/the important women in our lives and recognize the efforts of the role our mothers portray in our society.

As stated, the holiday is often washed up and forgotten about by many, but has an amazing influence on our society and should be celebrated by everyone. Mothers are the emotional backbones in anyone’s family. They not only provide the holding place for everyone’s emotions, but they do their best to keep everyone they love from being hurt. Moms all around the world work hard and make so many sacrifices to better lives, which is a task many are not willing to do.

This year, The Ridge proposes that each and every student make this year the best Mother’s Day possible. While being stuck at home may not be the most alluring way to spend this special day, make sure each and every mom knows how thankful you are for all that they continue to do. Happy Mother’s Day, Moms!