TikTok gets sued for collecting data on kids


Christina DiFabio, Contributor

TikTok, formally called Musically, is being sued for violating child privacy laws and collecting data on young users. COPPA, or The Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act, bans social media companies from gathering data on children without explicit parental consent.

ByteDance has been collecting data from Musical.ly users under the age of 13 without their parent’s consent since 2014. The data was being sold to third-party advertisers.

According to The Verge , “Earlier this year, the FTC reached a $5.7 million settlement over COPPA violations from Musical.ly.”

TikTok was notified of the complaints a long time ago. There was a disagreement on what alleged the complaints, but the parties involved agreed to reach a resolution with the issue. A TikTok spokesperson told The Verge, “That resolution should be announced soon.”