Popular YA Book Series Confirmed for Disney+

Popular YA Book Series Confirmed for Disney+

Abigail Quinn, Contributor

The popular young adult book series Percy Jackson and the Olympians is confirmed to be getting its own Disney Plus series by the author Rick Riordan. This fact was confirmed on Riordan’s twitter earlier today.

The wildly popular book series began its slow decline after the release of its first two movies that any fan would rate extremely bad. The first movie “Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Theif” made its debut in February of 2010. Directed by Chris Columbus, distributed by 20th Century Fox and headlined by Logan Lerman, Alexandria Daddario, and Brandon T. Jackson as the three main characters, it had large shoes to fill. Large shoes that the movie proved to trip over and fall out of. All would be saved though when the second movie comes out, right? Dead wrong.

When the second movie was released three years later in 2013, viewers were wary. After the disappointment with the first movie, no one knew what to expect with the second installment. Directed by Thor Freudenthal it was slightly better at staying true to the source material but still had much trouble achieving all that the loyal fans wanted. In 2018, many years after the release of the movies, Riordan released a post on his website that talked about his experience in the movie industry titled, “Memories from my TV/Movie experience“, and even made public some e-mails he sent to the movie producers over his concerns with some elements of the movie. Eventually during the movie making process, he just had to step back and accept that there was nothing he could do.

The movies have been the laughing stock of the series ever since, considered the model for how to not make a movie based off of a book, but now they may be receiving not a second, but their third chance at redemption. The fans of the series, ironically enough, were the ones that began the protest for the series to be a Disney Plus adaptation. Millions of fans worked together to get big corporate noses pointed their way. At last, after almost a decade of #DisneyAdaptPercyJackson tweets, something is in the works.

In Disney’s mad grab for any property that has the chance of making the already million-dollar corporation money through their streaming service, Percy Jackson and the Olympians was snatched up. Disney does a good job of taking material and making it great, additionally erasing the past of said material if it has a shoddy one. They also have a good way of making original authors or developers happy, or at least paying them so much that they have nothing to complain about.

At this point, the fans of the books are now much older and found far and few between but, it is the hope of many people that this will renew interest in the books for the minds of children while still pandering slightly to the now older original audience who worked so hard to get the word out that they wanted. #DisneyAdaptPercyJackson