Coronavirus Infects College Sports

Coronavirus Infects College Sports

Xavier Proctor-Floyd, Editor

The Coronavirus has changed the lives of most people living in America. The student athletes at colleges and universities are no different. Sports such as football, men’s and women’s volleyball, and men’s and women’s soccer have either been postponed or cancelled due to Coronavirus.

Many college football conferences such as the SEC, Big 10, ACC, and Big 12 have all been postponed due to Coronavirus. The Big 10 who at first cancelled their season decided to begin play the weekend of Oct. 24. In the SEC, the biggest and most popular conference in the nation will begin play the weekend of Sept. 26. With many teams having a longer schedule than others, the college playoffs will be very interesting this year.

The college volleyball season, which usually starts around the end of August, has been postponed to January. The championship will be held around the end of April. The playoffs usually have a 64-team bracket, but this year has been reduced to a 48-team team bracket. (

Men’s and women’s soccer are planned to start in February and go to April. The playoffs for both men’s and women’s will start on May 13. The men’s playoffs will consist of 36 teams, compared to the usual 48. On the women’s side, the playoffs will consist of a 48-team bracket instead of the usual 64 teams. (

All colleges that are participating in any sport are required to test all student athletes for Covid-19 to make sure there is no further spread. Although Covid-19 has affected our lives, college sports have found an effective way for the student athletes to play and be safe.