Super Mario 3D All-Stars: is it Worth Buying?


Gavin Huston, Editor

Super Mario 3D All-Stars was first praised whenever it was first released, but is it truly worth buying? The games it has in it are some of the most beloved Mario games. In the list we have Super Mario 64, Super Mario Sunshine, and Super Mario Galaxy. The gameplay in the games are definitely similar from their own respective games, but how have they changed with the new Joy-con controllers?

Super Mario 64 controls a lot like the original. You can hold the joy-cons however you like, be it two separate ones in both hands, handheld mods, or even the controller forms. You could also buy a Nintendo-pro controller, but it works the same as the Joy-cons either way. Overall, Super Mario 64 plays like the original, and even some of the messed-up gravity still works.

Super Mario Sunshine was one of the most praised games on the GameCube. The game also plays much like the original, since you didn’t need motion controls or rumble controls. It works the same with the joy-cons as with Super Mario 64, but if you want to you could buy the Nintendo Switch GameCube controller to simulate the real game. Overall, it was good and it controlled well, too.

Super Mario Galaxy would seem to be the hardest one to port over on the Switch, since the game originally came out on the Wii. The original Wii game had multiple instances where you needed to point your controller at the screen to either collect currency, shoot out the currency, or to fling Mario around, either on blue stars or webs. The Switch actually has made it better. Since the Switch has a touchscreen, you can use the touchscreen to use the pointer, or you could use the gyro controls that are in the Joy-cons. Personally, I prefer to use the two Joy-cons when they are not connected to the switch so I could simulate holding a Wii remote and the attached nunchuck.

Overall, the way they updated the games to the controls of the Nintendo Switch are amazing. The game can easily bring new generations to beloved games. People that wanted to play the games can now play it without buying a new system for the games itself.