Should There be Political Ads on YouTube?


Gavin Huston, Editor

In the past on YouTube, there have been many political advertisements for a politician named Tom Steyer. We have seen or heard his ads even past YouTube: on radio stations, and even television. Many politicians want to get the younger vote since there is a new generation that are now allowed to vote.

YouTube has advertisements so they can earn money and you do not have to pay money to watch videos. Usually we get advertisements from products that occasionally relate to things we have previously looked at or things we are interested in. But recently, things have gone above annoying ads from one candidate.

Recently, people have been getting political ads from people that are trying to be in the U.S. Senate and people that are either for Trump or against him. Personally, I think that younger people that do not even understand politics yet shouldn’t be seeing these kind of advertisements on their browser.

Now, YouTube Kids is an app, but most kids don’t even use it in the first place. Most kids just use the regular version of YouTube and most parents don’t even know about the YouTube Kids app. Kids shouldn’t be allowed to view political ads in my opinion. It can give them beliefs that they will grow up with and might be damaging our future society.

In conclusion, political ads should not be on the YouTube platform. It can give people the wrong opinions on others, as well as give children bad ideas on politics.