School Lunches: Good or Bad?

School Lunches: Good or Bad?

Gavin Huston, Editor

Imagine: the bell hits lunchtime. You are hungry from not eating breakfast. You grab your school lunch, wondering what is inside. You open it and you see… something wrapped in tinfoil? It’s not the weirdest, but you open it and see a tortilla. That’s not it, though–there’s some quesadilla filling in the container as well. It contains meat, cheese that tastes like nacho cheese, and…tater tots?

When it comes to lunch, it’s either a hit or miss deal unless you go to a special section in the cafeteria to get a salad, pizza, or other things. But when it comes to the hallway kiosks you come across, it’s a random assortment. Kiosks are all we have now because the cafeteria is no longer open due to restrictions from COVID-19. Usually the kiosks have alternative meals such as a PB&J that they give out if you don’t want the meal they serve, but they just hand out one meal for now.

I believe that some lunches are good, but some can be better. The cafeteria probably does not have access to a lot of the ingredients they usually have because of coronavirus. That said, if you do not want to have the school lunch, which is always random, then bring your own.

This issue with school lunches go beyond our own. Fort Dorchester High School had a lunch for their students that contained mini waffles, a sausage link, and a large broccoli stalk (as seen on the featured picture). As stated by News 2, “Raynor said the district immediately investigated the matter and determined the meals were not up to district standards.”

That means that we may have meals that are not as good right now, but we will get them soon. So either get a free meal, or bring one from home, but hopefully we will see better lunches soon.