Bieber Gets Emotional During SNL Performance


Alivia Gutierrez, Contributor

Justin Bieber performed with Chance the Rapper on Saturday Oct. 17, 2020, on the SNL channel. He has performed there before, and he recently joined the show again this year.

This performance was emotional to Bieber because of how he grew up in the musical world at a young age and how he struggled to deal with the pressure of being a young pop star. This song reminded him of how far he has come from then to now.

During the performance, there was a blue cross in the back while he had his hand over his heart poring out all of his emotions. Near the end of the performance, Bieber was bent over while Chance went to go over to Bieber and patted his back. What had him so emotional were the lyrics: “What if you had it all with nobody to call…maybe that’s the price for money and fame at a young age” (CNN). Bieber could relate to that on many levels because he started his career young.

He was just as emotional when he did the next song. He started singing his next song, called “Lonely”; this song is about a singer struggling with fame at a young age. When the song “Lonely” was released, Bieber tweeted that the song he sang came from experience. (CBS)

In the end, Bieber gave an amazing performance for his fans, and the love will only grow.