The Modern Fight Against Gay Rights

The nomination of Amy Coney Barrett To the Supreme Court threatens marriage equality and the human rights of LGBTQ+ population.


Eran Bagwell, Contributor

April 28, 2015: the Supreme Court debated whether or not same-sex couples had the constitutional right to marry in the United States.

June 26, 2015: gay marriage was finally legalized in the US (Georgetown law library).

Five years later and same-sex couples now fear the loss of the right that they spent decades fighting for.

The death of Supreme Court Justice Ruth-Bader Ginsburg has shocked and created fear for many as the government gains an increasingly conservative court who can make the decision to take back LGBTQ+ recently-gained rights.

Supreme court justices Clarence Thomas and Samuel Alito, conservatives, state that religion has a heavier weight over the importance of same-sex marriage. Alphonso David, who is the Human Rights Campaign President states that fight for LGBT human rights is alive and well. David stated, “this outlook and language in the Thomas and Alito statement is doubly troubling, as the court could soon be reshaped in a more dangerous anti-LGBTQ+ image if Amy Coney Barrett is confirmed by the United States Senate…the court could significantly water down what marriage means for LGBTQ+ couples across the nation to what the late, great Justice Ginsburg, called ‘ skim milk marriage’.” David stated these while on interview with NBC reporter Jeff Taylor. (NBC News)

Human Rights campaigns have been extremely weary while watching Barrett’s moves since before she was nominated. Barrett has openly spoken out against LGBTQ+ rights. One example was during a lecture at Jackonsonville University in Florida, where she stated that Title IX protections to recognize and include transgender people was a “strain on the text” and refers to trans women as “physiological males” (NBC News).

A journalist, Brad Polumbo, who is a gay male, says that many in the LGBTQ+ population are overreacting and that the rights of the community are not threatened as Barrett once stated that she will rule by the law and not allow her own beliefs to overpower the constitution. Polumbo backs up this statement: “she says she will not impose her personal beliefs on the law, and she will rule for the law as it is written, and I do believe her because she has a track record of doing that, as do many of these conservative justices.” (NBC News)

The fight against human rights has been an issue for decades upon decades, and with the supreme court leaning to a conservative side, there might come a time in the near future where people will need to stand for their beliefs and fight for their future. (