The Dangers of Covid on Halloween


Getty Images

Little girl trick or treating during COVID-19 pandemic.

Xavier Proctor-Floyd, Editor

Halloween is a night of candy-fueled, scary fun. This Halloween will be more different than ever, though. This year, Covid-19 is going to have a major impact on Halloween night. Many districts and states have set rules and regulations on what people can and cannot do Halloween night.

Although there have been no regulations passed in the Summerville and Charleston area, DHEC has recommendations on how to safely have fun. They recommend all outdoor activities such as pumpkin patches and haunted trails, instead of haunted houses and Halloween parties.

DHEC also recommends avoiding the traditional way of trick-or-treating. They suggest coming up with creative ways to give out candy this year. DHEC emphasizes a higher chance of the disease being transmitted through the traditional way of trick-or-treating (dhec).

Although Halloween will be greatly impacted by Covid-19, there are still many activities you can do to enjoy your night. The most important thing is to make sure you are spending your night safely and responsibly. Wash your hands and if you go outside, wear a mask.