Celebrities Choose to Party Instead of Social Distance


Riley Minor, Editor

As we all know, social distancing is a big part in staying safe from Covid. Most people these days have been giving up spending birthdays and holidays together to keep each other safe from Covid, but many celebrities haven’t been making these same sacrifices.

TikTok stars and YouTubers have been posting pictures of them at parties, not socially distancing. This has caused fans to be rightfully upset with them.

Although fans try to call them out for it, most of the celebrities pretend that it never happened or say they tested negative for Covid, and although that’s good, testing negative for Covid doesn’t give you a free pass to not socially distance.

Testing negative doesn’t clear you from spreading Covid. Symptoms can take up to two weeks to start showing, and “50 percent of transmissions happen before symptoms begin” (CNN).

Celebrities aren’t immune to Covid, which is something they seem to think. It’s also frustrating to fans because the people who can self quarantine and easily socially distance, due to not having to worry about money or not having food, don’t do it.

Just because you’re over Covid, doesn’t mean Covid is over. Please continue to socially distance, wear your masks, and wash your hands to help prevent the spread of Covid.