Politics in America are Becoming Violent


Garrett Duncan, Contribuor

On July 4, 2020, in Atlanta, an 8-year-old girl named Secoriea Turner was shot, when her mother tried to take her to a Wendy’s.  The Wendy’s had been taken over by a Black Live Matter (BLM) Group protesting the police shooting of Rayshard Brooks, and were heavily armed.  Turner and her mom had no idea that the BLM supporters had captured and burned the Wendy’s when they approached it, and were shot by the armed activists as soon as they were close enough to be seen. (NY Times) These dangerous and deadly encounters seem to be happening more and more today, and this is only the first example.  

The second example is in Portland, Ore.: a man named Aaron Danielson was shot after walking around near protests that had begun to ramp up.  He was wearing a hat made by Patriot Prayer, a right-wing group, and was with a friend when it occurred.  His killer, Michael Reinoehl had been at multiple BLM rallies, and had even been arrested and released before.  When NPR reached out to Reinoehl’s sister she described her brother as “erratic” and “self destructive” (NPR). Reinoehl followed Daneilson down multiple blocks before walking up and shooting him on camera, seemingly unprovoked. (NPR) The motive seems to simply be because he was a member of Patriot Prayer.  This is more unjustified violence motivated by politics, all caused just because of a protest nearby.

The third example is of a man in Dallas who, on May 31, was brutally beaten by a group of more than 10 people protesting the police shooting of George Floyd.  He said he wanted to protect his neighborhood from the protesters, who had gotten violent with police, and broken the windows of multiple stores. 

He approached the protesters with a machete while yelling at them, before being charged.  He ran away from the large group of demonstrators, until turning around and rushing an individual who had gotten far away from the group.  After he did this he was knocked down and kicked by the large group until he became unconscious and began bleeding from the mouth. (The Fort Worth Star)  This is an example of somebody becoming violent, and then being attacked, so it was not only the “protesters” fault that violence occurred.

The fourth example is of a Proud Boys rally in August that turned into a street fight between the far left group of Antifa, more people from BLM, and the right wing male only group: The Proud Boys.  The fight was started when the Antifa and BLM came to the Proud Boys rally, and began yelling at The Proud Boys.  The Proud Boys are a right-wing group that support Donald Trump, and Antifa is a left wing group that hate Trump.  BLM got involved because they believe Trump to be racist, and so they dislike supporters of him.  So when these groups met it was certain there would be a fight.

The Proud Boys kept walking until Antifa approached them, and the first punch was thrown.  One Proud Boys member identified only as “Mack” was interviewed by The Detroit News and claimed that The Proud Boys avoided the counter-protestors because  “they have as much of a right to assemble.”(as we do) He said that they went around the protesters until they were rushed by a large group who attacked them and began fighting http://The Detroit News.  Antifa and BLM attacked with clubs, bats, and other weapons, while The Proud Boys used their fists, American Flags they had been carrying, and pepper spray, to attack the counter protesters. (The Detroit News)  This is the example of an all-out brawl being started by a simple rally, and the protesting of that rally.  This is inarguable proof that the violence is getting worse, and that large groups will instigate it on purpose.

The fifth example is from Provo, Utah, where an old man in his 60s was shot after a BLM activist shot through his car window, and hit him.  On June 30, the man, who will not be named because he was innocent in this encounter, was driving down the street when he came across a group of BLM protesters.  When he got close to the protesters, they moved to stand in front of his car.  He slowed down and almost stopped as the protesters surrounded him and banged on his windows.  Then, out of nowhere one of the protesters produced a pistol and shot into his window, hitting him.  He hit the gas and drove himself to a hospital, and he is still alive now. (KUTV)  This protester tried to kill him just because he was driving down the street, making more undeniable proof that politics are becoming more violent in America.

The sixth example is of a Biden 2020 Campaign Bus that was harassed by a group of Trump supporters, when the Trump supporters drove in a circle around them, yelled at them, and even hit a white truck that was working with the Biden bus, giving it a dent on its door.  According to CNN Bidens Campaign Aid said this about the harrasment, “Rather than engage in productive conversation about the drastically different visions that Joe Biden and Donald Trump have for our country, Trump supporters in Texas today instead decided to put our staff, surrogates, supporters and others in harm’s way” (The Jerusalem Post). The Biden bus eventually pulled over, and stopped driving (The Jerusalem Post). People will harass others on the road because of their political affiliation.  This is more crazy proof that people are willing to get violent over politics, even on the roads.

So, people are willing to shoot into random cars that get near them even if they might have children inside, because they got close to a restaurant they took over by force; beat down people who try to stop them from breaking windows; show up and start fights at peaceful rallies held by people they don’t like; shoot random people just because they were driving around; and purposefully hit other cars because they are for a politician they don’t like.  This is inarguable proof of violence going too far in America, and that people are justifying it with less and less reason.  Both sides are attacking each other, and random people, and it all proves the point that politics in America are becoming violent.  

In America today, we need to work together instead of against each other, and stop using violence to push policies. If we all work together peacefully and calmly, these kind of situations won’t happen, and more will be done to help people on both sides.  We just need to peacefully work together, and once we find one piece of common ground, we can expand on that, and compromise for the benefit of both sides of the political spectrum.