How Long Until a Vaccine for Covid-19?


Xavier Proctor-Floyd, Editor

The Coronavirus has been one of the most destructive viruses in recent memory. With global deaths reaching around 1.27 million and total confirmed cases reaching around 51.6 million,(support) many are asking how long until there is a vaccine?

Although there have been various attempts at a vaccine, none of them have been approved or been successful. Because there are no developments that are ahead of others, scientist have said that an effective and safe vaccine will not be ready for months. (uchealth)

Because the Coronavirus is so new and unlike any other, scientist have seen it is very difficult to come up with a vaccine to combat the virus. Scientist have held clinical trials where they have tried to introduce different proteins to people to combat the virus, but nobody has been successful.

In August, the World Health Organization was tracking 165 vaccine candidates. Out of those 165, 26 were in a clinical trial, and 3 of those were in phase 3 of the trial. (uchealth) Although months sounds like a long time, an effective and safe vaccine should be approved shortly. All you can do is make sure you wash your hands, socially distance and wear a mask.