Ending Racism in America

Ending Racism in America

Alivia Gutierrez, Contributor

Racism is an everyday thing, and I am tired of how minorities are being treated just because of their skin color or their background. We are getting treated like we are something on the bottom of peoples’ shoes, when really we should all be getting treated equally.

I have personally encountered racism first hand, and it hurts how a stranger could talk like that to a 15-year-old girl who they don’t even know. I was with my sister at the time that this happened; I took my sister with me to the store so we could get some food. While we were at the store, there was an older caucasian lady, and we were minding our business until she came up to us. I am Hispanic, so I was speaking in Spanish to my little sister; the older lady came right up to us and told us we did not belong here and that she could not understand me. I was shocked because we had not even bothered the older lady; we were minding our business, and I didn’t know what to do or how to respond. I just decided to leave the store all together because I did not want my sister to witness that. What if I had done the same thing to the older lady? I would look bad because of the way I look and I would be called out for it, but nobody helped us–they just stared and watched.

This is what younger kids are going to have to worry about. In the article, ethical-racial socialization as a resilience factor, it says that: “A primary task for families is preparing their children to function successfully in society” (NCBI). This is where equality does not exist because we should not have to train our kids how to fit to people’s standards. They should be able to embrace their culture without getting a rude comment or being criticized. I feel like we should have the right to our culture, just like everyone else.

This isn’t the only problem. In the criminal justice system, there are some corrupted cops arresting people because of their background or the way they look. In the article “Reasons to Understand America’s Long History of Injustice and Inequality,” it says: “It brought renewed attention to the high-profile deaths of Black Americans during the past decade and ongoing concerns about systemic racism in the criminal justice system”(WASHINGTON).

There was a famous quote that Oprah Winfrey once said: “Excellence is the best deterrent to racism or sexism” (Good Housekeeping). Winfrey wants us to do this the right way, which means that with all of us combined we could accomplish this.  

The justice system also needs to be fixed. What the people fail to realize is that we are also human, we have families at home waiting for us to come back to them. The minorities should not have to worry if they are going to make it back home to their family or not. We should not have to live in fear.  To help solve these or at least to minimize racism, we should protest or start campaigns. We should start taking these to the higher courts. Let’s do something to change the future for ourselves and our kids so we no longer have to live in fear.