Social Media: Rising Up from the Bad

Social Media: Rising Up from the Bad

Eugenio Guardascione, Contributor

Social media: something that changed the entire world and keeps on changing the world and its inhabitants to this day. Every hour of every minute of every second, people from around the world are infatuated with this idea of news, drama, information, and events known as social media. People seem to invest a lot of effort in the media in their day-to-day lives, but the question is- at what cost? Social media is of course, mainly focused to bring people together with similar interests and characteristics. But not everything is sunshine and rainbows when it comes to that, especially how it can affect individuals emotionally and socially. Social media can have a very malicious side to it, causing people to suffer issues such as anxiety, depression, cyber bullying, and more. These are some aspects that take into consideration the questions: “is social media worth my time?,” “is it that important?,” “do I need it?” Most importantly, what can you do to make your social media experience better?

The majority of the population on Earth uses social media at around 3 billion+ people (Statista). To give an idea: more than half the population of the world. Out of every person who uses social media, a majority of them created a social media account in the first place to connect with the world and other people like friends and family (US News).

It may seem like all good things at first, but there is more than meets the eye. In social media, you will encounter people who will do the exact opposite of outputting “positivity”. Whether directed to a friend, an enemy, a stranger, or even an influencer or celebrity, people can spread negativity to anyone and everywhere. Have a different opinion than others? There will be drama in the comments. Posting something that people may view differently? There will be negativity and hurtful things said. Or even perhaps individuals simply cause an outrage on the media just for their own selfish entertainment.

The worst part of it all are the consequences to those actions. When there is drama, negativity, and malicious intent, there is always someone on the other side who receives all those. Unfortunately, some people do not take all those attributes too lightly. People suffer from them–they feel hurt, they get depressed, they are not in a good state of mind, and they are not happy as they should be while using social media, all because of a few words from another individual (Childmind).

The main objective of all this is to not let social media control you and make you feel any less yourself. People will say things that may hurt and cause you pain, or you may even see things that you find unfitting and cause you to be distraught. It could even be that social media is distracting you from your own personal life and job.

At the end of the day, you have the power to fix it, and there are many ways to do so. Take a break from social media, either for a few hours to a few days. Limit social media time throughout the day–take a few bursts of breaks each lasting a few minutes, so you can concentrate on what you may be doing or simply relieve your brain a bit. Another simple way, is just to ignore what you can. Do not engage in any negativity on the web, only in the things you like and what makes you happy. Most importantly, cut off the toxic and unworthy people that you feel don’t deserve your time and attention anymore. They contribute nothing to your happiness and growth, so only keep individuals who do the exact opposite- friends that do¬† contribute to your success and happiness.

Social media will never be a fully content and happy place for people. However, we the users can definitely make it a better place little by little, so more users can enjoy these platforms in a safe and carefree environment wherever and whenever they are online.