Technology is Becoming a Distraction


Levi Morgan, Contributor

I love Technology. Technology helps us pay bills, see loved ones far away, and even create new friendships. It helps us save lives and has improved the medical field drastically. With all its benefits, why would I ever write an article about technology being distracting? Well, I believe that it connects people virtually in this digital age, but I also believe that technology has become a big distraction from life.

There is so much technology everywhere that we don’t even notice it at this point. For example, I wouldn’t be able to make this article without a computer, and you wouldn’t be able to read this without the use of some sort of technology. With A.P.A even saying “Decades of research on happiness tell us that engaging positively with others is critical for our well-being. Modern technology may be wonderful, but it can easily sidetrack us and take away from the special moments we have with friends and family in person.” However, I believe that a day without technology would benefit everybody even if some people choose to not partake in this idea. A day might not seem like a whole lot of time without the use of a phone or any other piece of technology, but it would feel like it and if people supported the idea then we could extend this period for longer. 

This idea would help families connect once more and then you would actually appreciate technology when you use it again. Not only would this help improve relationships, it would also help people with their eyesight with Guard-Ion stating that, “One of the most common negative effects of overexposing your eyes to digital devices and screens are headaches. This is due to the connection between the eyes and the brain. When you stare at a screen for an extended period, eyestrain can occur and lead to a painful tension headache.” 

Not only is technology a big distraction; it also brings fatigue and weight gain along with it and it is often hard to take yourself away from technology considering how interconnected our life has become with it. That is why if you can take a day without technology it could very much benefit you. On your day off you should visit a park or just go to a private place where you can disconnect entirely. Disconnecting is a very important thing to do every once and awhile, and if you go a day without technology this would be the perfect time to do it. IWG states that “Technology, and more specifically its ability to keep us constantly ‘on’ and connected, is making us tired. Scientists at the University of Yonsei in Korea found that the increased energy required to respond to the constant flow of information is leading to physical and psychological strain.” 

Many people agree that we use technology far too often with IWG saying thatGovernments and businesses have recognized the ‘right to disconnect’ and are action: in 2017, France passed a law giving employees of companies greater than 50 people the legal right to ignore emails outside working hours. The same year, a similar law was passed in Italy and the Philippines.” This is exciting news not only for the fact that you no longer have to respond to emails outside of work hours, but governments and businesses are helping to make a change in the surge in technology usage which will help with all the aforementioned negative effects that happens with prolonged use of technology. 

This is not to say that technology isn’t helpful (it is), but it would be good to take a break every once in a while to disconnect and ‘reset’ your mind.