Fans Not Allowed at DD2 Winter Sport Games


Roger Lee

Hombre Kennedy, Ben Mitchum gets a tackle on Summerville!

Natalia Cullins, Contributor

As we know, a lot of events have been canceled or altered to fit new CDC guidelines. School events are no different. Recently, Dorchester District Two has come out and said that there are no fans allowed at games for the winter season (Live WCSC). This includes wrestling and girls’ and boys’ basketball at Ashley Ridge High School, Summerville High School, and Fort Dorchester High School. This was also said about fall sports in mid-September, but was later changed because of the improvement of COVID-19 during that time.

COVID cases in the country have risen to an all-time high and therefore changes had to be made. The only people allowed to enter the games are athletes, coaches, bookkeepers, and game staff. Many parents and athletes are upset by this news. Unlike Dorchester District Two, the Berkeley County School District has taken a different approach which allows fans to attend the games but at a limited capacity (Journal News). This includes Berkeley High School, Cane Bay High School, Goose Creek High School, and Stratford.

Not only is this occurring at a school level, but this is also occurring in the NFL. In the NFL, fans are currently not allowed in the stands to cheer on their favorite teams. Some fans aware of the risks have allowed fans back into the stands like the Kansas City Chiefs and Jacksonville Jaguars. Seven teams plan on having fans allowed at the games later. This is negatively impacting athletes’ energies at the game because without fans some say that it feels like a “high school scrimmage” (Insider). Not only will fans not be allowed at the games, but cheerleaders, mascots, and sideline reporters are also not allowed on the field because of COVID guidelines. As COVID-19 gets better, will sporting events go back to how it used to be or is this the new norm from now on?