Working Student Balances Life


Jordyn Wilson, Contributor

We as students are tired enough. As we grow up, we realize there are many more responsibilities we have to take on as a young adult in high school.

“Although many view this development period as totally carefree, teenager life features many of the stressors of adults life” ( Sometimes, it can come off as if adults don’t understand that there is management, mental health, physical health, and many more frustrations in today’s life as a teen. Trying to get everything in at once can turn into missing out on these so-called “best times of our lives.” When there is everything to do in a short amount of time, students miss out on a social life because as students we owe it to ourselves to make school very important so we have a better future going forward.

Being in high school alone is very time consuming; these eight hours taken out of our week five times a week is very harmful to some students. There are probably older family members at home who need help, and when our parents aren’t home for their jobs, we are all they have. For those eight hours, they have to find a way to make a phone call work.

“For teen involved in multiple activities, not to mention school, finding time to find it all isn’t easy. As parents watching on the sideline, we can help” ( When we get out of school, nine times out of 10, because we are students, we work the worst hours at after-school jobs, which also means as soon as we get out of school, we go straight to work. That’s probably another six to eight hours shift, then we must come home around midnight and not have enough time to study or eat. We set an alarm two hours earlier just to wake up the next morning and get some type of studying in before we go to school beat and tired just to repeat the same day over and over again.

The point is to show younger readers who aren’t at this point yet that this is our reality, and to show adults to please understand that we are trying, and to show other teens going through a similar life style that you are seen with all of this on your back–you will find a way to manage all this difficultly one day.

“I have trouble relaxing, trouble stepping away and stepping away and allowing myself a moment of peace” ( It is looking like our future will be doing everything online, and by 11:59 on top of that. As teens trying to figure everything out, lets just say nothing has gotten easier. and the quote above shows how teens will start acting and thinking because of it.