The Mandalorian is a Great New Star Wars Show

The Mandalorian is a Great New Star Wars Show

Garrett Duncan, Contributor

The smash hit Disney Plus original: “The Mandalorian” is becoming a family favorite very quickly. People say it is the best “Star Wars” media in years, many of them saying it is better than the new “Star Wars” movies.  Is all of this praise warranted?  The answer is yes, and I will tell you why.

The first major thing that contributed to the success of “The Mandalorian” is the hunger of original Trilogy fans for more “Star Wars” like the originals.  Many long time fans complain that newer “Star War’s” movies were only made to make money, and that they did not have any real heart behind them. They did not like the subversion of expectations that occurred with things like Snoke’s death and Palpatine’s revival.  This caused a lot of people who had loved “Star Wars” for years to abandon the property. (Iromline) For them, “The Mandalorian” was a return to the original “Star Wars”, with a simple right vs. wrong plot, interesting worldbuilding, new interesting characters, and epic fights.

The show got people who had been out of “Star Wars” for years back in, and they loved it. I agree that “The Mandalorian” does feel like the original “Star Wars”. I would say if you want an interesting story that takes you across multiple worlds, has a good action, and makes you really like the main characters you should check it out.

Now, the old fans returning is not the only reason that “The Mandalorian” is so popular. Like I mentioned before, the characters are very well written, especially the main character Din Djarin (Mando). Despite not seeing much of his childhood you know that it must have been very hard. In season one, you are shown how his family was killed by B2 battle droids when he was a kid, and he was adopted by Mandalorians. This led to him having a phobia of droids, and being a pretty quiet reserved person.  Add that to the Mandalorian code he follows and he does not get very much social interaction and has no family or children. When he rescues Grogu (baby Yoda) from the Empire, it shows his compassionate side, and he eventually becomes attached to the kid. (Wikipedia)

It is a simple but heartwarming tale of the strong silent warrior finally finding somebody to care about.  Because of the organic connection between Mando and Grogu, the scenes where the child is in danger have a lot of tension, and you feel bad for him.  These great characters really make the simple plot feel a lot more important and the show a lot more interesting.

Now, those two might have been the biggest reasons that “The Mandalorian” is doing so well financially, but I think this is why “Star Wars” lovers consider it to be above and beyond.  “The Mandalorian” has many references to other “Star Wars” media, with treats for long time fans and new fans alike. Season two recently showed the armor of Boba Fett, one of the most iconic Star Wars characters.  And in newer episodes he was revealed to be alive, and once again donned his iconic armor. This was an open display of service for fans of the movies, and really got people exited.   

However, this is not the only reference distributed by “The Mandalorian”. In season two, a Jedi named Asoka Tano was met by Mando and Grogu. Asoka is a character taken from the “Star Wars: The Clone Wars” animated TV show, and was very much liked by the community that watched the show. (Wikipedia Star Wars The Clone Wars) However, she is not very well known among most “Star Wars fans”, who may only have watched the movies.  Another addition that flew over the heads of the general populace was the inclusion of Imperial Dark Troopers. These super soldiers are only shown in the extended universe of comics, books, and the video game “Star Wars Dark Forces”.  They can be mech suits, genetically modified troopers., or as seen in the show, droids.  (Wikipedia Dark Trooper Discussion) Most people do not even know they exist, but they work as an interesting new threat, and a reference for the really diligent and knowledgeable fans.

“The Mandalorian” TV show definitely deserves the praise it gets with complex characters, interesting stories, great worldbuilding, references to other material, and an adorable Baby Yoda.