Living in a Young Adult’s World

Living in a Young Adults World

Jordyn Wilson, Contributor

Life is hard as we all know; we have all been through something, and it’s never gonna be a walk in the park all the time as much as we all want it to be. I’m pretty sure it’s hard for a mother, grandparents, even babies, but being a young adult in high school with many responsibilities, trying to start your life the right way, becomes overbearing and simply stressful.

To balance out life, and everything else, it kind of makes you feel that when you actually get to the age with kids and a husband, it seems like it’s going to be impossible.

The transition from being a high school student to a college student is very important in a young adult’s life, and will have a big movement on your life. For the most part, things will work out, but there are many things that need to be worked out, all while living in a world of the unknown and trying to live the best and the happiest you can.

College life helps in many ways, such as economics, health, personal development and more. An article titled, “Thrive: Learning to Create Balance in a Busy Teenage Life” helps to outline and give advice to students our age making the transition (

Throughout years, people have asked millions of teen about the start out, what do they think about certain facts about a student’s life and how can they balance it through out the year while trying to keep a good GPA, trying to stay on task in school, while working, and much more. Berkeley College published an article titled, “How to help young people transition into adulthood,” which covers these issues. (

It can get very overwhelming and sometimes cause more than just outside stress; it can cause friction between you and friends and family and that just gets the ball rolling with stress.

When at this age it feels like nobody understand what you go through, and it can also feel like nobody honestly cares, being the ages 14 and up can be one of the hardest milestones in a girl’s/guy’s life.

When getting to these ages, you want to start talking about the life that you are about to head into with the people who care about you.

“You finally graduated college, but now you have to start paying down those ridiculous student loans you chose to take on? Adulting is hard” (

Moral of the story: getting up there in life is hard, and you will honestly always feel nobody listens or understands but in a way we have all been through it and some are still going through it; life isn’t going to get any easier. You might as well go head first with everything you have to make the most out of the life you were given.