Getting Real about COVID-19


Jordyn Wilson, Contributor

All around the country, many have lost a love one to this virus. We as a collective people aren’t taking this serious enough, causing this virus to kill people left and right, and that should be enough to show us to mask up and keep a safe distance.

Where we live in Charleston, S.C., around May 18 we were at our lowest for deaths and cases, but then our cases and deaths went up again around July 8 – Aug. 28.

Recently, from Oct. 18. – Dec. 8, 2020, we did go down from the last cases, but we are still not at our lowest and now we have heard news that out cases might be going up for South Carolina. As a whole nation, our numbers and cases are scary; the deaths in this country have been sky rocketing and it’s very painful to sit and see this happen to the people of this world.

There is widespread, ongoing transmission of novel coronavirus in the United States and world wide.

One of the main issues in this world now is that we have a deadly virus out there, but we are not listening, many aren’t wearing their masks or keeping their distances from others, and some feel as though this is more of a political standpoint than just about everyone’s health. This isn’t something that is just going to go away; this is something that we have to take control of before it continues to control any more of us.

This virus is air born and if we are being one-hundred percent honest we shouldn’t be at school, or work, and most importantly not clubbing and out partying–where is the distance in that? As a young person who goes to school during all of this, I can say we don’t even keep our distance here most of the time.

In the month after the state’s first reported case of Covid-19, hundreds of South Carolinians flooded McMaster’s office with emails that reflected a growing sense of alarm. (

We don’t want to get our loved ones sick, especially the older members of our families, so wear a mask and keep your distance if going out somewhere cannot be avoided.

Anybody would be scared because we don’t know how this Covid-19 thing is going to pan out. The newly released vaccine can help us get rid of this virus, but is it safe?

It has now pledged to sell another 100 million doses by the end of June (