Coronavirus Never Stops in California


Alivia Gutierrez, Contributor

As we continue with the Coronavirus into the new year of 2021, it still seems like it’s never going to end, especially around the world. During this time, it seems like the cases have been going up instead of going down. In the United States, California has had more than 27,000 deaths which has been caused by Covid. “In California they have averaged around 38,000 for the past two weeks. The hospitals have been on a go since the cases have been rising. There is more than 22,000 people receiving medical care” (CNN). As California cases have been growing, more people are being hospitalized, which means the nurses are on a go 24/7.  

In California, there have been at least 31,440 new cases since the start of the new year of 2021.”After a relative New Year’s lull in confirmed infections, California posted a new single-day record for coronavirus cases Monday, logging more than 74,000, according to a Times tally of local health jurisdictions” ( With the cases growing more rapidly in California, that means the hospitals are more packed than ever. This also means that people are not safe to go out as much either.  

People have been asked to stay home and not travel as much with Covid deaths. “The county has reported nearly 1,300 deaths since Dec. 30, according to health officials, including 237 on Tuesday, according to data compiled by The Times” ( Families are burying their loved ones instead of taking them home from the hospital, which is the sad part. 

During the California Covid cases that have been going up, people have been struggling with the loss of their loved ones, and are struggling to find jobs now that the cases have been growing rapidly. In turn, people are having trouble providing for their families. In the end, for all the people struggling, hopefully you get back on your feet and keep your head held high to keep fighting for your families.