Is the Netflix original Grand Army Worth Watching?

Is the Netflix original Grand Army Worth Watching?

Raylynn Carson, Contributor

The Netflix original show Grand Army has lots of teens binge watching the first season. The show is considered a teen drama made in 2020 with season two said to be coming out 2021.

I really enjoyed this show because it is so emotional and raw. It shows real world problems teens can go through; it covers mental health, drug addiction, rape, and many more problems that teens go through every single day. 

It shows the personal and family background of each character which is really interesting you get to see every character’s mentality of everything that is going on. Being in high school, I can relate to the behaviors the young characters are going through. You see the attitudes, behaviors, fights, and mental health of the young characters. 

The main reason I enjoyed this show is because it is so real and raw. This show really shows the problems that students endure all over the world. They even show the school on lockdown, which really affects some people due to many schools going through real lockdowns. 

Grand army has a lot of up-and-coming actors some including, Odessa, A’Zion Maliq Johnson, Amailia Yoo, and Odley Jean. The character I relate to the most is probably Joey because she goes through a lot mentally, and I can relate to some of the stuff she went through.

You can feel the authentic pain, but the little moments of joy. It felt as if I wasn’t watching characters, but real people. I highly recommend watching the Netflix original Grandy Army; I think many teens will be able to relate.