Private Practice Focuses More on Drama than Medicine

Private practice puts the drama in medical drama.

Private Practice Focuses More on Drama than Medicine

Natalia Cullins, Contributor

If you love Grey’s Anatomy and are looking for a new show to watch that’s related to medical and crazy love stories, Private Practice is the show for you. Private practice is a spinoff to Grey’s Anatomy where Addison Montgomery (Kate Walsh), a world-class neonatal doctor, leaves Seattle to live a laidback life in California. She goes to work at her best friend’s medical practice called Oceanside Wellness Group.

This show has an amazing cast including Taye Diggs (plays Dr. Samuel Bennett), KaDee Strickland (Charlotte King), Audra McDonald (Naomi Bennett), Tim Daly (Pete Wilder), etc. The creator is Shonda Rhimes, who also created Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal, and wrote The Princess Diaries 2.

In my opinion, Private Practice is a lot slower than Grey’s Anatomy since they are not really in emergency situations and are usually doing typical procedures in a casual doctor’s office. If you don’t like all the deaths and near-death experiences in Grey’s Anatomy, but still like medical dramas, then this show is perfect. Most of the time, the show focuses more on the relationships in the office rather than on the patients, which can get a little annoying because the whole point of watching a medical drama is to see the medical side of it. At some points in the show, it got boring and I didn’t really want to watch it.

Overall, I would rate the show a 6/10. It is a good show in terms of the drama aspect, but it was missing the medical part in a medical drama. The show was canceled after its 6th season and can be watched on Amazon Prime, Netflix, or Hulu.