President Biden Reveals Plans for Presidency


Natalia Cullins, Contributor

The inauguration just ended which means that President-elect Joe Biden is officially in office. Joe Biden has a lot of new plans for America, and many are excited to see how his presidency will go. He plans to rejoin the Paris Climate Accord to reverse President Trump’s withdrawal. He will reinstate the program allowing people who were brought to the United States as children to remain in the country. He also will be planning to set up a Coronavirus task force, which will make Corona the primary issue for America. The administration will also seek to accelerate the rollout of vaccines by providing more funding to local and state officials, creating more vaccination sites, and launching a national public education campaign. 

He plans to send a bill to Congress to repeal liability protections for gun makers and get rid of close background-check loopholes. (Washington Post) “The policy team, the transition policy teams, are focusing now very much on executive power,” said Biden’s friend who works closely with his team.  Some of the other plans include asking federal agencies to extend eviction and foreclosure moratoriums through March 31, asking the education department to extend the federal student loan payment and interest pause through September 30, and to stop all wall construction and begin to reverse more than 100 actions Trump took to roll back environmental regulations. (NPR) Biden and Harris have proposed to raise the top income tax rate for the very highest earners (Forbes).

Not only is Biden trying to reverse the actions of former President Trump, he is also signing his own executive orders such as to increase food assistance and streamline the delivery of stimulus checks. He is trying to stabilize the economy after the terrible hit to the economy from the Coronavirus in 2020. His first order is to increase food stamps by 15%. This will mean an additional 12 million people will get enhanced benefits. Well, the white house just increased food stamps, but it left out 40 percent of the people that really need them. (CBS NewsIt is unclear whether Congress will help Biden act on his many plans, but he is actively updating his constituents.