The Beautiful And Tragic Retelling Of Hannibal Lecter

What is a real life horror that could be lurking in every corner? Killers. In NBC’s Hannibal they follow a beautiful story between Hannibal Lecter and an FBI profiler, Will Graham. With the company of the rest of the FBI troop, a fiery journalist and some weird rich people, Hannibal Lecter strikes behind the shadows holding up the names legacy of Hannibal the cannibal, which funnily rhymes so very well, watch through this three season show, a charming killer win the hearts of everyone around him, except for Will graham, who watches his every move


Eran Bagwell, Contributor

NBC’s Hannibal was created by Bryan Fuller and a team of creators that follows the story of Hannibal Lecter, a charming cannibal who creates intricate murder scenes and leaves no trace of who he is. Lecter is a surgeon who left the field, with no real reason why. Will Graham is coaxed into having a relationship with Hannibal Lecter, as Alana Bloom, a professional psychologist and FBI consultant, sets Graham up with Dr. Lecter. 

The psychiatrist-patient relationship becomes difficult when Graham is shown to be plagued with encephalitis and never finds out, due to Lecter’s personal agenda. Lecter sends harm to Graham and ends up putting Graham in jail as he is hot on his trail of murders. Graham spends his time in jail accusing Lecter of the murders, but nobody is listening. Graham is let out of jail by Lecter’s guidance and is left to fend for himself against nightmares and killers. Graham is taken off the FBI profiler list and kept as a tool, but still weary of being insane.

When everyone starts listening to Graham, it is almost too late; Lecter has caught on to Graham’s twisting of stories and two-faced support of FBI chief, Jack Crawford, versus Lecter. Lecter makes a grand violent outing as he finds himself fleeing to a new country.  Lecter is caught onto because of his grizzly murders in foreign countries now, too. Graham and Crawford follow the blood trail in Italy to find Lecter.

When Crawford and Graham find Lecter, they almost don’t make it out alive themselves, but they get him back to America where they are faced with some violent newcomers. Lecter ends up saving lives and then disappearing before being taken in by the FBI, only to show up on Graham’s doorstep. Graham and Lecter work together  to solve crimes. In the end, Graham and Lecter choose a very shocking path.

This show is a mastery of props and true insanity, as viewer discretion is advised. If you are looking for a shocking, gory tale to dive head first into, NBC’s Hannibal is the show for you.