Review of “Lifestyle”

My simple, personal review of “Lifestyle” by Jason Derulo, featuring Adam Levine.


Eugenio Guardascione, Contributor

Recently, American singer Jason Derulo collaborated with another popular American singer: that being Adam Levine, the lead singer of the pop rock band Maroon 5. As a personal fan of both of these artists, I wanted to review the song they released to start off 2021 titled, “Lifestyle”.  I will be reviewing the chorus and verses, and well as an overall review of the song and how much I personally enjoyed the piece. 

Intro: As any Jason Derulo art, the song starts off with him saying “Jason Derulo”. It wouldn’t be a Jason D. song without him saying Jason D.

Verse 1: A very ear-opening verse. Derulo mentions famous singer Rihanna, describing how beautiful and glamorous she is.

Pre-chorus: Derulo mentions another popular icon, The Rolling Stones. He’s calling himself an actual rolling stone in this line, essentially saying he can’t stay in one place for this particular girl.

Chorus: in this chorus, the lines “you ’bout that lifestyle” is referring to how the woman in particular is about a life of high standards and riches, evidenced by the lines “diamonds ain’t got nothin’ on you” and “baby, would you stay if I’m broke?” The lifestyle in this case is about having money and fortune.

Verse 2: This is where Adam Levine steps in. This verse describes how the woman makes they/the male in the scenario, keep coming back to her, as the following lines say: can’t get your lipstick of my collar” and “you do that thing that keep me calling you”. 

The pre- chorus is the same as before, but this time with both Levine and Derulo singing.

The Chorus is also the same as before, with again, Levine singing alongside Derulo, creating a very nice sounding tone and passion in the song.

Outro: The song ends by Derulo speaking to the woman, saying “get your money, honey” and “got that dollar, dollar for you.” And once again repeating “you ’bout that lifestyle” to end the song.

Overall: This song is very enjoyable, and I definitely would recommend it to people. Two big pop artist collab-ing is a treat itself, on top of being a good song with a twist of a perspective in the real lives of some people; this song is definitely high on my favorite’s list.