Biden Closes Keystone Pipeline Proving he Wants to End Fossil Fuels


Garrett Duncan, Contributor

Joe Biden has made many controversial decisions in his first hours of presidency, such as mandating that transgender students can compete in school sports. (WSJ)  Reversing over 100 of Donald Trumps actions on oil industry restrictions. (NPR)  And refusing to take direct actions against Antifa, even after they hosted a violent Anti-Biden protest at a Democratic Party HQ in Portland. (Newsweek) However, the most important action the President has taken is the ending of construction on an oil Pipeline called the “Keystone XL Pipeline.”

So far, about 1,000 people who had jobs connected to the pipeline have been let go, and 12,200 jobs that would have been created will be canceled.  These jobs that would have been filled after the construction of the pipeline, will never be created now that the pipeline construction has been canceled. (First Coast News)  This promises to be one of many steps President Biden takes to end the oil industry in America before he transfers to new energy sources.

Some say that this is a good step forward for protecting the climate, while others say that these oil pipelines have been around for a long time, and one more will not cause more harm than the benefit of having more oil.  However, if Biden does create enough alternative energy sources, then we would no longer need these pipelines. Because these pipelines are built aboveground, it could obstruct some farmland, and if a leak were to happen on that farmland, it could damage crops and ruin the farmers life. (The New Yorker)  If getting rid of oil in America is a good, that is for you to decide.  But the cancelation of the pipeline will both eliminate jobs, while also protecting the rights and property of all of the people whose land it would have been built on.

By cancelling the XL Pipeline, Biden has kept the faith of many of his climate activist supporters.  They hope that this is a sign he will stay true to his promise of phasing out fossil fuels and putting in place clean energy sources for America.  They also hope that he will shut down the repairing of another pipeline in Minnesota.  This one is part of the line three crude oil pipeline, which they hope to shut down completely, after not allowing it to be repaired. (Inside Climate News) Overall, this is proof that Biden will keep his promise to end fossil fuels in America.