Tampa Bay Buccaneers Demolish Kansas City Chiefs in 31-9 Super Bowl Victory


Garrett Duncan, Contributor

For Chiefs fans like myself, the 2021 Super Bowl hit hard.  The Buccaneers got ahead in the second quarter, and never stopped leading.  It was a slow and painful game for the Chiefs, and they ultimately just couldn’t catch up.  (Super Bowl lV Results)

It was a combination of early game fouls, good Buccaneers defense, and Patrick Mahomes’ injured toe while playing that led to the win.  (USA Today)  The Buccaneers did very well on defense, and managed to outlast and outscore the Chiefs.  After the game was over, Mahomes showed some humility and sportsmanship, meeting Tom Brady on the field to congratulate him.  (USA Today Sports)  Brady has now won his 7th Super Bowl ring, and he was respectful to Mahomes after the game, telling him they should “keep in touch”  (USA Today Sports).

Even if it was a little slow at the end, the Super Bowl was still a lot of fun.  Commercials included general motors showing off its new ultium battery electric cars with Will Ferrell; Toyota telling the story of Olympic Swimmer Jessica Long; Jeep talking about unity in America; and many more.  (CNN)  The ads were as good as expected, so commercial lovers could get their fix easily.

The halftime show was entertaining, with a performance by The Weeknd.  He sang some of his hits like: “Can’t Feel My Face” and “Blinding Lights”.  (CNN Entertainment)  His backup dancers wore bandages on their faces, similar to some of his newer music videos and appearances where he would appear with makeup to make his face look injured.  The Weeknd did not have any other singers with him during his performance.

It was a nice super bowl with lots of entertainment.  Hopefully next year’s will be just as good.