Polar Vortex Causes Freezing Temperature and Disaster in America


Xavier Proctor-Floyd, Editor

The polar vortex is an upper-air weather pattern that occurs in the Arctic. A polar vortex usually causes unusually cold weather to parts of the US, Europe and Asia. In the US, this year’s polar vortex has been harsh on the Midwest, including Texas and Oklahoma. (USA)

Texas has been getting the worst of the polar vortex. Although they do not have the lowest temperature compared to Illinois or Wisconsin, because Texas is used to warm weather through most of the year, they are experiencing power outages in many parts of the states due to the extreme cold weather and snowing. Many Texans are trying to find alternate shelter to keep warm during the power outages. The Dallas and Fort Worth area experienced a record breaking 5 degrees in the past week. (USA)

Texas is not the only state experiencing extreme weather. Although states like Illinois and Michigan are used to the cold, the polar vortex is still affecting them by freezing much of the water and lowering the temperature even more than normal. Temperatures have reached below 0 degrees in Kansas, Nebraska, Michigan and Wisconsin.

Although mainly the Midwest region is getting the worst of the polar vortex, states such as South Carolina, North Carolina, California and nearly every US state will feel some kind of affect from this years polar vortex.