Canned Food Drive Competitions and Oppotunities

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Within the next few weeks, leadership is and will be hosting multiple events centered around canned foods.

They will be hosting a canned food drive competition. Each can will count as one point towards your 4th period class. The class with the most points will win a pizza party, and the teacher will receive a Starbucks gift card. All cans are due by October 30.

There will be a ‘leggings and hat day’ on October 28th. Wristbands are $2 or a donation of 5 cans. Wristbands will be sold the 21st– 27th during ILT. If you do not have a wristband, you will not be allowed to participate.

Starting November 2nd, you will be able to vote to get a teacher “rewarded”. The rewards are: Pie in the face, Ice Bucket Challenge, or bad makeup. You should place cans in the box designated for the teacher that you wish to vote for. The student who turns in the most cans for the teachers chose will get to give the teacher their “reward”.

Teachers in the running are Mr. Cole, Mr. Owens, Mrs. Harris, Mrs. Murray, Mrs. Shalau, Mr. Laviano, Ms. Heflin, Mr. Culbreth, and Mrs. Torgerson.

There will also be two bake sales ( 10/22) (10/28), and two dodgeball tournaments (10/27), (10/30).