Stereotypes and Their Harmful Path

Stereotypes and Their Harmful Path

Alivia Gutierrez, Contributor

We all have different perspectives as people on the way we see things. It may be the way we see ourselves to the people we see on the streets–everyone has some type of view or opinion on someone without really noticing them for who they are on the inside. 

As our generation progresses, the stereotypes of how we view each other don’t only affect us, but affect younger kids as well.  Scientists have also discovered, Our study may be the first to investigate how students’ stereotypical beliefs about the reading ability of boys form what you might call the ‘common stereotype’ of a class, and how this common stereotype may affect students’ reading outcomes,” said co-author Jan Retelsdorf, an educational psychologist at the University of Hamburg in Germany” (CNN). As it has been stated in the article, kids in the classrooms will start to think negatively towards themselves or each other. 

When we teach our kids the way the world works, they will be expected to follow what we have been doing when in reality we should be teaching them how to view people and the world differently. Growing up, minorities have been racially profiled just based on how they look. One of the biggest problems is the media. They have an effect on how people are viewed, which was stated, “The news media have the power to be catalysts for positive change in many area cultures” (Jstor).

There are stories in which people have been stereotyped or racially profiled based on how they look. One story at University Manchester has suspended security guards when one student claimed they were racially profiled. They have opened an investigation: “Footage shared on social media appeared to show 19-year-old student Zac Adan being pressed up against a wall by the security officials – who demanded he show his identification.” In the video it was to be found that he had been accused of looking like a “drug dealer” ( This actively demonstrates one stereotype, and is one and many cases that has not yet been investigated. 

There are many things we can do to change this: one idea is starting with your younger kids and teaching them how they can treat others with the same respect as they would you.