Lady Gaga’s Dog Walker Shot, Two Dogs Stolen


Garrett Duncan, Contributor

On Feb. 24, two of Lady Gaga’s dogs were stolen.  They were being walked by her dog walker, who was also a family friend, when two men drove up in a white Nissan Altima.  They came to a quick stop, blocking the dog walker as he was about to cross the street.  They both stepped out, and one began to attack the dog walker.

The first attacker threw him to the ground, and the other one pulled out a handgun.   A short fight ensued as the dog walker tried to protect himself and the dogs.  He fought with the first attacker for a while, but the assailant managed to grab both of his arms and hold him in place.  As the dog walker was restrained the second attacker shot him once in the chest.  They then grabbed the two French Bulldogs named Gustav and Koji, put them into their car, and drove away.  (CNN Entertainment)

A video that was captured from a nearby house is available at the website connected to this link:  (New York Post)

The dog walker did manage to protect a third dog named Miss Asia, who was clutched in his arms when paramedics arrived.  (Eyewitness News ABC) He is now recovering in a hospital, in stable condition.

Lady Gaga Has offered a $500,000 reward for the return of her dogs.  She says she will send it by email to whoever returns the dogs, no questions asked.  The description given of the two suspects by the LAPD is as follows:  “Men between the ages of 20-25. The armed suspect was described as having blond dreadlocks and wearing a black hoodie. The other man had on dark clothing.”  (Eyewitness News ABC)