“The Vanishing at the Cecil Hotel” Review


Natalia Cullins, Contributor

If you know anything about Netflix, you know that they love coming out with amazing and chilling crime documentaries. I personally love crime shows and lately, I’ve been watching all the shows they have to offer. One crime docu-series I recently watched was “The Vanishing at the Cecil Hotel”. The series has four episodes at an hour long each, with more chilling and horrifying information than the last.

It follows the mysterious vanishing of Elisa Lam at the notorious hotel for death: “The Cecil Hotel” in Los Angeles, California. The program creator is Joe Berlinger and it has many guest cast members that include police officers, journalists, and even suspects in the disappearance of Elisa Lam.

Even though the show came out on February 11, 2021, people have already rated the show a 2/5. Some say that the show was too drawn and that they gave too much to the internet sleuths that ultimately just added more conspiracies than actual facts in the cast. They also took time to dive into her extensive Tumblr page, which also sent the show in a completely different direction than what it actually ends up being.

I can agree with the reviews and say that the show could have been 2-3 episodes or even a 2-hour feature to get their point across and tell Elisa Lam’s story. They also gave way too much credit to the hotel’s grueling history and not enough information on Elisa’s mental health.

I would rate the show a 3.5/5. I personally liked it overall, and I was hooked the entire time. All the twists and turns added mystery which I enjoyed because I like figuring out things as the information is told to me. It is still a very sad story and I would encourage everybody who loves crime stories and mysteries to tune in and follow the story.