Tiger Wood’s Car Crash


Natalia Cullins, Contributor

On the Feb. 23, Tiger Woods was in a serious car accident in Los Angeles. Woods was driving in the morning in Rancho Palos Verdes when his SUV went across two lanes of roads hitting the curb, which caused him to hit a tree, making the car turn on its side off the roadway int0 the brush. (CNN)

It is said that he was traveling at a high rate of speed and there were no indications of skid marks or braking. Woods suffered a comminuted open fracture in his right leg and was trapped in the car until the authorities came to rescue him. He was completely coherent and even told the first police officer that arrived on the scene that his name is Tiger Woods. Deputies said that Woods was not impaired, but no blood draw or sobriety test can confirm this fact. (FOX News)

The car crash is under investigation and the authorities are looking for the car’s black box which depicts data such as how fast your car is going, the position of the throttle brake application, airbag deployment, seatbelt use, steering angles and many more. The black box can also tell you what happened 20 seconds before, during and after a car crash. (Hyperlube)

He is not under criminal investigation, but the police are curious about what caused the car to crash. (NY Post) The infamous golf player says, “couldn’t remember being behind the wheel.” Two days after the crash, he was moved from Harbor-UCLA Medical Center to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center to continue his orthopedic care and recovery. The city could be liable for the crash because the city knows of the treacherous stretch of road and they did nothing to fix the road. He is recovering in good spirits and is hoping for a speedy recovery. (USA Today)