Cancel Culture Pressures Dr. Suess Books and Many Others


Levi Morgan, Contributor

Dr. Suess is a beloved book writer for kids. With his impressive rhymes and quirky art, it’s a bit bizarre that cancel culture would come after Dr. Suess. A select few of Dr. Suess’s works have been taken out of print because of racist depiction of an Asian man. Now I can see how this is offensive, but if people really had a problem with it, they should’ve taken those pages out–not erase them from the market so future generations couldn’t enjoy these books.

When I was younger, I used to own a lot of the Dr. Seuss books as a kid and these things never stood out to me when I was reading them. I can see now how it’s offensive and inappropriate for a child’s book, but when Dr. Suess was writing these books, it was a different time back then. He did not do it to offend people; it was for a silly child’s book. I’m not trying to defend the case of the drawing, I am just saying that they should not have taken important children’s books because of a silly drawing. This is much like Mr. Potato Head or should I say potato head? Companies are acting on their products that may offend people and wiping the books from history.

This is thanks to cancel culture, which as far as I’m concerned, hasn’t helped people at all; it just makes people way too cautious of what they say so they don’t offend someone who doesn’t even know them. I am very frustrated with how cancel culture is scaring companies into bending into someone else’s ideal world. 

Honestly, Dr. Suess is just another person who has come into the crossfires of political subjects even though his books never had any political intent with his stepdaughter stating, “He was a man of his times who moved with his times, and he ultimately transcended his times.” ( His step-daughter sees that certain parts of her step-father’s work have not aged well, with her wishing that instead of getting rid of the books, future prints will be adjusted to fit these different times.