Mario’s 35th Anniversary Coming to a Close with Animal Crossing New Horizons


Levi Morgan, Contributor

On March 31st, 2021, Mario’s 35th anniversary will be coming to a close.

Mario is Nintendo’s biggest icon and they know it, so for his 35th anniversary they went all out by re-releasing gems of his past for his anniversary. The only catch was that on March 31, Super Mario 3d All-Stars and Mario 35 would be erased from the Nintendo e-shop. This is disappointing because 3d All-stars is a great game. Now, if you have the game there is no reason to worry because if you own the game you have a copy no matter what happens.

Nintendo knows people aren’t happy with this, so to wrap up the anniversary on a positive note, Animal Crossing New Horizons will be getting a Mario overhaul with a bunch of decorations for the game such as wallpapers and flooring. They have also added in clothes for Mario, Luigi, Peach, and Wario, respectively . They also have brought in new items such as coins, pipes, flags, and powerups. Much like Mario’s 35th anniversary, these items will be disappearing on March 31, so grab them while you still can! Nintendo also did minor things with other games such as Splatoon, 2 which had a cool Mario-themed Splatfest.