Seimone Augustus Switches Teams


Alivia Gutierrez, Contributor

We all know WNBA, where we see all different types of  players on the court trying to score for that one point. One of those players being none other than Seimone Augustus, a basketball player that has indeed played for the Sparks of the Women National Basketball Association. Seimone has been playing since 2006 in which she was first drafted by the team Lynx, and from there on started her Career. 

Seimone then went on to go play for the Lynx for the next 14 years. In the following years, Seimone went on to sign a one-deal with the Los Angeles Sparks team, “The Sparks have re-signed 15-year veteran Seimone Augustus, who contributed 5.9 points while shooting 54.5% from three-point range in her first season with the team” ( In 2021, she would start playing basketball again. 

As she begins to start her career with the Sparks, there are still questions of why she left the Lynx team that she played on for the first 14 years. Some rumors were speculating around why she left Lynx in the first place, but after it was heard of she soon put those rumors to rest by putting up a five-minute video on YouTube to explain what was going on. As stated, “explained in her words why she left Minnesota after 14 years to sign with the rival Los Angeles Sparks — using the words ‘shocked’ and ‘confused’ to describe the way negotiations with the Lynx broke down” ( For her reasons of leaving the team, they were under good conditions and she left with peaceful goodbyes. 

She is now going to start playing for the Sparks that people wish her well on.